“Jesus Knows Our Hearts”

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Jesus Knows Our Hearts

In John 6:26-27 we read that Jesus knew why the multitudes were be-ginning to follow him. He knew that his followers were not true disciples but were those who sought signs and wonders and to be physically fed. Jesus knew their thoughts and their hearts. He also knew the deepest secrets of the hearts of those who appeared to be the most committed to Him in, John 6:64, John 6:70-71. When the Lord looks at your life, what does he see? Does he see absolute commitment and faith to him and the Father? Or, does He see a life that seeks a minimum level of commitment and a minimum level of faith in him and the Father?

The harsh truth is that he sees you and me just as we are! He sees us in ways that we cannot even see ourselves. Nothing on this earth and no one on this earth can hide from Jesus. Peter was unable to hide from Jesus when he stood by that Roman fire denying Jesus as he was being falsely accused. The hearts of the hypocritical Pharisees that praised God on the street corners to be seen by men were unable to hide their true intentions from Jesus. Judas Iscariot who had deceived the 11 the night he betrayed Jesus was unable to hide his heart from Jesus. Some Christians today may hide dark secrets and struggle with sin behind closed doors, but they too cannot hide their hearts from Jesus.

Brethren, Jesus knows our hearts today. I cannot see into your heart and you cannot see into mine, but Jesus sees us just as we are. What does He see when He looks at you? We may deceive each other, but we will never deceive Jesus! He knows where you stand spiritually right now. For that very reason, there has never been a better incentive for us to carefully take a look at our own hearts. Everyday God blesses us to live, is another opportunity to serve and praise him. Let each of us make today the day we will give our full commitment and full faith to Him!

Adam Pogue

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