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In reading Acts 1:23-26 God chose Matthias. Why don't the men of the church have God choose Elders in the same way?


In reading Acts 1:23-26 God chose Matthias. Why don't the men of the church have God choose Elders in the same way? Man only know outwardly, but God knows the heart. Seems Man is choosing now instead of relying on God to show us.

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I don't have all of the answers to every question but I'll offer this reply.  First, of all, I don't know why God does things the way that He does.  I do know that during the apostolic era, God worked in miraculous ways and noted that that activity would be limited in time (I Cor.13:8f).  As Christ had chosen the original apostles, so He chose Matthias.  But as the word of God was completed, God left instructions for the appointment of men who would lead in local churches, thus Paul gives instructions to both Timothy (I Tim.3) and Titus (Titus 1) about the character of those men who were to be appointed as overseers.  In that regard, God is still choosing the men to serve.  I would note that Timothy had some measure of inspiration (II Tim.1:6) and it is possible and perhaps likely that Titus did as well.  In spite of the fact that God was using them to communicate His will prior to the completion of the written word, they are still given instructions as to the standards for overseers, even though God could have chosen men through them in some miraculous way.  It appears to me that He was already establishing the pattern/means of selecting elders for the time that was coming when He would no longer intervene in the "natural" world by means of miraculous activity.

That's my best shot.  Hope that will give you something to study on and will be helpful
Russ Bowman