2018 Theme

2018 Theme


When the apostles went into all the world in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ, they were confronted with various challenges.  The rigors of travel were far greater for them than for us in our world of interstate highways and Holiday Inns, safe drinking water and trustworthy restaurants.  The possibility of physical persecution due to the promotion of a king other than Caesar was a very real threat.  And the religious/philosophical environment of the Greco-Roman culture viewed the message of the gospel as a foolish, yet curious, proposition at best.    Nonetheless, those men “turned the world upside down” and took the offer of salvation to the ends of the earth.  We often marvel at their tenacity and look with great admiration at multitudes of people who became disciples of Christ in great part because of their work.


Why aren’t we as successful?


That question is bandied about pretty regularly among preachers, elders, and concerned brethren.  The answer is not so easy as a new evangelistic program or a better website.  No doubt, most disciples can be more diligent in spreading the gospel.  Yet, we are faced with one obstacle that the apostles did not face.  Christianity in the first century was new.  No one knew very much - if anything at all - about Jesus of Nazareth.  And while people came to Christ with all kinds of preconceptions about the spiritual world, the concept of God, and opinions about morality, they did not come to Christ with misconceptions about discipleship.  Such perversions developed quickly, without a doubt.  Jesus and His apostles warn regularly about false teachers.  But familiarity with Christianity and the dilution of truth was not something that had to be regularly undone in the initial spread of the gospel.


It may well be that one of our greatest obstacles to evangelism - and to spiritual maturation - is the simple fact that most people in our culture and country know just enough about Christ and His word to be satisfied.  We spend a great deal of our time “unteaching” misconceptions.  It’s hard to convince people of the need for salvation when they think they’re already saved simply because they believe that Jesus lived and died.  Satan has done a pretty good job of deceiving folks by means of a corrupted, tenuous, and anaemic message.  True discipleship is demanding, and it’s hard to promote what’s demanding when folks are happy with what’s convenient.  But, truth is truth and it remains the responsibility of God’s people to promote such. 


Thus, we will try to offer some attention in our teaching, preaching, and focus to the fundamentals of Christianity in the year 2018.  Our aim in such is fairly straightforward.  We want those who are not Christians to learn Christ as He has revealed Himself.  We want those who are Christians to re-evaluate our faith and re-educate ourselves in the basics of discipleship.  And we want to prepare ourselves to discuss the truth about Christ in a world that has so misunderstood Him.  We welcome anyone who would join us in this endeavor to bring glory to our Savior and God.





JANUARY - Belief in God

MV: Heb.11:6


FEBRUARY - God's Revelation

MV: Ps.119:105  


MARCH - The Scheme of Redemption

MV: Eph.1:3-4


APRIL - God & Israel

MV: Deut.7:6


MAY - The Messiah in Promise & Prophecy

MV: Ps.110:1-2


 JUNE - Jesus the Christ

MV: Acts 2:36


JULY - Discipleship

MV: Jn.8:31


AUGUST - Forgiveness (Grace & Faith)

MV: Rom.5:1-2


SEPTEMBER - God's People (The Church)

                                  MV: Eph.3:10


OCTOBER - Worship

MV: I Cor.11:26


NOVEMBER - Spiritual Growth

MV: Eph.4:13


DECEMBER - Judgment

MV: II Cor.5:10