Bible Lands Report 1

Series: Israel (Bible Lands)

CORRECTION - I accidentally misspoke and called the Sea of Galilee the Sea of Arabah & Eastern Sea.  See notes below for correct names of the Israel bodies of water.

  • In the Bible, the Mediterranean Sea is called "the great sea" (Numbers 34:6-7, Joshua 1:4, Joshua 9:1, Joshua 23:4, Ezekiel 47:10, Ezekiel 48:28, etc). The Dead Sea is called by a variety of names in the Bible. It is called the Salt Sea (Genesis 14:3, Numbers 34:3, Joshua 3:16, etc), the Sea of Arabah (Deuteronomy 3:17, Joshua 12:3, etc), and the Eastern Sea (Zechariah 14:8).
  • The Sea of Galilee is also known by a few names - It is called the Sea of Tiberias (John 6:1, 21:1) and the Lake of Gennesaret (Luke 5:1).
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