Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Our adult classes offer up to 3 separate topics/books of the Bible from which to study.  Most quarters will breakdown into the following - one class studies a book from the Old Testament, one class studies a book from the New Testament and the third offers a topical study.  This plan allows a student to study from every book in the Bible, while retaining the ability to select a course of study he or she prefers.

Here is what our adults are studying in 2017:


Class 1 - Exodus/Leviticus

Class 2 - Matthew                           

Class 3 - Church History


Class 1 - Numbers/Deuteronomy                         

Class 2 - Matthew

Class 3 - Bible Evidence        


Class 1 - Joshua                          

Class 2 - Romans                         

Class 3 - None


Class 1 - Judges/Ruth                        

Class 2 - Ephesians                         

Class 3 - Church History